Tatsoi Miso Soup

An easy and comforting soup that’s full of protein and nutrients! Tatsoi is an incredibly versatile green with more Vitamin C than an orange and lots of calcium, folate and other great stuff. Tofu makes this meal protein packed and satisfying.

6 tsp miso paste
2 cups water
1 head tatsoi
14 oz tofu
2 ears corn
1 cup frozen broccoli
1 Tbsp olive oil
Optional : 1 tsp sesame seeds, ½ tsp garlic powder or sesame oil (not in store)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Place corn, husks and all in the oven for 25-30 minutes
3. In a pan heat the olive oil then add tofu cut into either fillets or cubes. Cook on each side until crispy. Remove from pan and set aside.
4. Put tatsoi, cut into 2 inch pieces, in the same pan and cook until wilted, stirring to keep from sticking.
5. Microwave broccoli to defrost.
6. Boil water.
7. Per serving add 2 tsp miso paste per bowl, then pour water over and stir to dissolve.
8. Remove corn from oven and cut off kernels into the soup.
9. Add tofu, tatsoi and broccoli!
10. Optionally sprinkle with sesame seeds, chili flakes, garlic powder or add some sesame oil (not in store) for some extra flavor!