Leadership TeamGeneral BodyAdvisory Board
Photo of Johanna Baena Johanna Baena Director of PR
Photo of Gabriela Diaz Gabriela Diaz Director of Purchasing
Photo of Alexandra Donovan Alexandra Donovan Project Coordinator

Alex is intrigued by systems that dictate how people interact with each other and their environment–how people alter space and how space alters people. As a student of architecture, she is passionate about design that makes an impact in such systems and their broader effects on the world. Food and food justice are increasingly on her mind; Anabel's presents an exciting opportunity to apply her problem-solving and creative skills to an complex issue. In her role as Project Coordinator, Alex acts as the link between Anabel's Grocery, our Advisory Board, and the Center for Transformative Action. When Alex finds a moment of spare time, she loves to read, drink coffee, learn languages, try new foods and see new places.

Photo of Joshua Miller Joshua Miller Director of HR

Josh is interested in food - it's his favorite thing to talk about. More broadly, he's passionate about food sovereignty and the role that nutritionally-dense foods have in addressing public health needs. When he isn't serving as the Personnel Coordinator of Anabel's, you can find him eating his way through every Ithaca restaurant, serving on the Dean's Undergrad Advisory Council, (un)successfully debating politics, or ranting about pica research.

Photo of Kerry Mullins Kerry Mullins Co-Director

Kerry is interested in food systems and how they can be used to improve the health of people and communities. In her role, Kerry hopes to strengthen the tie between Anabel's and Ithaca's farming community. She enjoys running, eating, working on farms, politics, and petting small dogs. She hopes to one day hike the Appalachian Trail, have a farm, and maybe try out law school.

Photo of Dana Nieh Dana Nieh Director of Fundraising
Photo of Sabrina Pan Sabrina Pan Director of Programming

Sabrina is a student interested in the intersection of policy, healthcare, and race. On campus, she conducts research on micronutrients and infectious disease, works for the Multicultural Resource Center on their Immigrant and Refugee Oral Storytelling Project, and remains an active member of Phi Delta Epsilon. In her free time she enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee, browsing Yelp, and reading food blogs even though she is only a subpar cook herself.

Photo of Madeleine Parish Madeleine Parish Director of Risk Management

Madeleine is passionate about food science, product development, and food safety. As a member of the Risk Management team, Madeleine hopes to ensure the quality and safety of the food that Anabel`s provides. Outside of Anabel's, she is the treasurer of the Chocolate and Confections Technology club and works in the Cornell Food Safety Lab.

Photo of Brett Saviano Brett Saviano Director of IT

Brett is passionate about software engineering, business development and data analytics. As a member of the IT team, Brett is responsible for building and maintaining Anabel’s website, supporting the Point of Sale system and analyzing collected consumer and performance data. On campus, Brett is the Treasurer of Sigma Nu fraternity. In his free time, Brett enjoys golfing, watching Game of Thrones and rooting for his brothers on the football team.

Photo of Adam Shelepak Adam Shelepak Co-Director

Policy design and solution implementation drive Adam’s passion in the classroom and workplace. Within Policy Analysis and Management, Adam aligns himself with health, economic, and social policy. His academic interests are in population health, quantitative policy analysis, and social inequality, especially relating to health and food. His professional interests are in consulting, healthcare, and social entrepreneurship. Adam also holds leadership positions in the Interfraternity Council and United Way Cornell. Adam spends his time reading the New York Times, listening to NPR, and discussing politics over coffee.

Photo of Jillian Solomon Jillian Solomon Director of Operations

Jillian enjoys meeting new people and trying new foods. Though she's not the best cook, she feels very accomplished when she successfully makes a cool new recipe. Most recently, Jillian made vegan crabcakes with artichoke meat. Mmmm. Since being at Cornell, Jillian's favorite class has been Indigenous Food Systems which she took her first semester. It intrigued Jillian because it shed light on how historical and present day events can cause a person to be food insecure and highlighted how food insecurity impacts a culture.

Photo of Alisa Tiong Alisa Tiong Director of Design

Through her involvement in Anabel's, Alisa has purposefully merged her two major passions in life: design and food. She loves being involved in collaborative, interdisciplinary design and is proud to be part of this team working for a meaningful cause. Alisa is most likely to be found in Milstein Hall snacking on trailmix with one hand, clicking away on Rhino with the other, and streaming TedTalks at 3 AM.

Photo of Richard Wang Richard Wang Director of Finance

Richard is a student intensely focused on the interaction between social and economic markets. Apart from Anabel’s, his on campus commitments include 2018 Chair for the United Way of Tompkins County, A&S Representative for the Student Assembly, and Delta Sigma Pi. In a former life, he was involved with Cornell Venture Capital, Social Business Consulting, and the Apex Capital Fund. Richard also loves to philosophize and write, and can usually be found doing so at 4 AM in the morning. He serves as the Director of Finance for Anabel’s.

Photo of Christopher Andras Christopher Andras Design

Christopher has enjoyed witnessing the impact Anabel's has had on Cornell's community thus far and is looking forward to everything to come. He is glad that he is able to contribute his design and Rhino skills to such a radical and rewarding mission. Chris enjoys learning new design software, finding vintage cameras at European flea markets, and feeding his bunnies dried papaya.

Photo of Vicky Chen Vicky Chen Design

Vicky believes humanity's most fundamental relationship is with what we eat. She is thrilled by everything at Anabel's, from its mission to all the passionated members. She is glad that her design skill can be use to improve food environment at Cornell. Vicky habitats in Milstein Hall for all the seasons but constantly wanders around seeking for food, friends and fun.

Photo of Michael Cornette Michael Cornette Operations
Photo of Claudia Gisemba Claudia Gisemba Information Technology
Photo of Heather Guetterman Heather Guetterman Programming
Photo of Kimberly Guo Kimberly Guo Information Technology

Kimberly loves using technology to help others, and is excited to tackle food security on campus with a large team of innovative and ambitious students. She enjoys spending her free time obsessing over Pusheen, exploring Ithaca, and learning to dance.

Photo of Stephanie Hendarta Stephanie Hendarta Fundraising
Photo of Juliana Hong Juliana Hong Information Technology

Juliana is passionate about using technology to solve problems. She serves as the Director of IT to facilitate the development and use of technology to accomplish Anabel's mission. On campus, she is involved with BigRed//Hacks, Meinig Family National Scholars, an Information Science research lab, and Asian-American Intervarsity.

Photo of Anders Izumi Evenson Anders Izumi Evenson Design

Growing up in a city, where fresh food was accessible a couple blocks away, Anders was shocked at how food was inaccessible on Cornell's campus especially without a car. Through this experience, Anders has invested time into Anabel's as a designer for the new market in Anabel Taylor Hall, and with graphics to promote food knowledge on campus. Aside from Anabel's, he is often spending countless hours in Milstein Hall as an architecture student, but makes time to ski for the Alpine Ski Team, and cycle around campus.

Photo of Julia Joseph Julia Joseph Information Technology

Julia is passionate about leveraging technology for social good. She believes that at its core, great technology is synonymous with great art. She loves learning about design, making playlists on Spotify, drinking coffee, running, and following humor accounts on Twitter. On campus, you can find her complaining about CTB bagels, working in the Virtual Embodiment Lab, playing with the Big Red Marching Band, and taking artsy pictures of the sunset behind Gates Hall. She is excited to use her technological skills on the Anabel’s IT Team, and she looks forward to seeing the difference Anabel’s can make in the Cornell community!

Photo of Rachel Joseph Rachel Joseph Risk Management
Photo of Marie Kahara Marie Kahara Operations
Photo of Lauren Lin Lauren Lin Information Technology
Photo of Gabrielle Lynch Gabrielle Lynch Programming

The "Right to food" is something that Gabrielle is passionate about and that is reflected in her on and off-campus involvement. In addition to being part of Anabel's Programming board, Gabrielle serves as an Eboard member of Food Recovery Nework at Cornell; a group that aids in reducing food waste and insecurity in the Ithaca community. She is a brother of Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity through which she volunteers at local kitchens and food pantries. In her free time she can be found twirling on stage and perfoming with her dance group, Rise.

Photo of Hannah Mackey Hannah Mackey Design
Photo of Khansa Mahum Khansa Mahum Public Relations
Photo of Imani Majied Imani Majied Human Resources

Imani is passionate about developing diversity and inclusion within communities, advocating for the environment, and engaging with new cultures. On campus Imani works with Anabel’s Grocery in Human Resources, dances with Cornell’s premier hip-hop dance group, Urban Blaze, and helps to build a healthy campus climate through work with the Student Assembly Sexual Assault Roundtable. In her free time,Imani enjoys exploring the world, trying new restaurants, dancing, and spending time with family and friends.

Photo of Talia Mandell Talia Mandell Programming
Photo of Harley Mueller Harley Mueller Information Technology
Photo of Joanna Rizza Joanna Rizza Operations
Photo of Estefani Romano Estefani Romano Purchasing
Photo of Devon Rosen Devon Rosen Programming
Photo of Kaitlyn Sbrollini Kaitlyn Sbrollini Programming
Photo of Chelsea Steinberg Chelsea Steinberg Human Resources
Photo of Brittany Tabora Brittany Tabora Public Relations
Photo of Michelle Tu Michelle Tu Programming
Photo of Urshila Sriram Urshila Sriram Board Co-Chair
Photo of Renee Alexander Renee Alexander Board Co-Chair
Photo of Sarah Anderson Sarah Anderson Board Member

Coordinator, Community Development & Social Justice Programming

Photo of Julie Carmlat Julie Carmlat Board Member

Associate Director, Sloan Program in Health Administration

Photo of Gary Fine Gary Fine Board Member

Director, Durland Alternatives Library

Photo of David Levitsky David Levitsky Board Member

Professor, Cornell University Department of Nutritional Sciences

Photo of Jacob Miller Jacob Miller Board Member

Product Manager, Tasting Table

Photo of Dana Mitchell Dana Mitchell Board Member

Human Capital Business Analyst, Deloitte

Photo of Kathleen Pasetty Kathleen Pasetty Board Member

Co-Owner, Manndible Cafe/Fork & Gavel Cafe

Photo of Pam Silverstein Pam Silverstein Board Member

Entrepreneur in Residence, Life Changing Labs (LCL)