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Our Team

Project Coordinator: Michael Cornette

Director of Store Operations: Nicole Lee

Director of Communications: Devon Rosen

HR Manager: Sara Shah

Labor Relations: Nina Leeds

Performance Analyst: Emily King

HR Analyst: Michael Hon

HR Analyst: Jamie Schiff

HR Analyst: Lauren Kazen

Volunteer Coordinator: Claudia Wang

PR Manager: Paula Paddack

Blog Writer: Sherry Xie

Programming Liaison: Stella Moss

Graduate Student Liaison: Alyssa Hoffman

Design Manager: Isabel Lu

Graphic Designer: Daisy Dai

3D specialist: Jane Jackson

Photographer: Hannah Hwa

IT Manager: Kimberly Guo

IT Analyst: Rebecca North

Programming Managers: Hannah Fuller, Lily Hemler

Event Coordinator: Johnathan Rafailov

Event Coordinator: Franklin Ellis

Team Member: Talia Mandell

Team Member: Kaitlyn Sbrollini

Event Coordinator: Megan Goyette

Event Coordinator: Adeline Lerner

Event Coordinator: Mason Leist

Event Coordinator: Lauren Song

Event Coordinator: Alexandra Farina

Operations Manager: Nicole Lee

Operations Analyst: Sonya Chyu

Operations Analyst: Katie Stankaitis

Operations Analyst: Chapin Clark

Operations Analyst: Benjamin Blinken

Operations Analyst: Anjali Thakor

Operations Analyst: Daiki Tsunoda

Operations Analyst: Lu Li

Operations Analyst: Sofia Salcedo

Purchasing Manager: Adam Itzkowitz

Purchasing Manager: Lucian Chown

Buyer:  Milah Shah

Buyer: Nancy Liang

Buyer: Naviya Kothari

Buyer: Shelby Gosset

Fundraising Manager: Emily Wang

Fundraising Analyst: Austin Haycox

Marketing Manager: Kelsie Raucher

Anabel’s Grocery is a project of the Center of Transformative Action.