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Leading the Cause

The Leadership Team has numerous positions that reflect the breadth of our group’s goals: Public Relations, Human Resources, Purchasing, IT, and so many more. Positions are for one year and require a high level of commitment.

Volunteering with a Purpose

Anabel’s student volunteers contribute greatly to our day-to-day in-store operations such as stocking and running the cashier. They also help promote our vision across campus through programming events. Volunteers are expected to attend a brief training session and sign up for at least one hour-long shift every week. If you are interested in joining us, sign up below today!

Volunteer Sign Up

There are also a number of food organizations at Cornell and in the greater Ithaca community who are regularly looking for volunteers. Here are just a handful:

Cornell Hunger Relief

Cornell University Food Recovery Network

Cornell Sustainable Campus Food Initiatives

Dilmun Hill

Farmers Market at Cornell

Friendship Donations Network


Loaves and Fishes


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Anabel’s Grocery is a project of the Center of Transformative Action.