Frequently Asked Questions

The store is located on the first floor of Anabel Taylor Hall, next to the Durland Alternatives Library. Enter through the main entrance with the banner on the left side, then follow the signs to the store!
Map to Anabel's Grocery
We are open Wednesdays through Fridays from 3 to 7 pm. While we would love to open more days of the week, due to our 100% student workforce and our mission to provide the best quality experience for students, we simply cannot keep up with operations if we extended our hours any further. We hope that our hours are convenient for most students and hope that you understand our situation.
Anabel’s Grocery is open to ANY Cornell student. We welcome and encourage students of all backgrounds shop here! This includes all Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Education students. You do not need to be food insecure to shop at Anabel’s, but we hope that our low prices allow students with any budget to find food they can afford.
Since reopening in Fall 2019, we have made a considerable effort to offer mostly plant-based whole foods. Fresh produce and whole grains are foods desperately missing from the college diet, especially those who are food insecure. You will find a variety of seasonal produce from local farms, frozen fruits and vegetables, bulk whole grains, legumes, and spices, as well as snacks, canned goods, eggs, and dairy and non-dairy options. We are always willing to consider more staples from student suggestions. The best way to get your voice heard is to sign up to our Anabel’s Membership or stop by the store to fill out a comment card.
While we do strive to offer products that students want, we also strive to focus on foods that will maximize the nutritional benefit of students. While we do not preach, nor discourage, any dietary lifestyle, research has shown a significant benefit to consuming as many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes as possible. Additionally, due to our small size and limited purchasing power, it is impossible to accommodate all students’ wishes and provide low prices on many convenience items. We also hope through our educational resources that students feel empowered to cook quick and easy meals for themselves.
We price everything in the store at or below Wegmans prices. This means that any item of comparable quality you would find at Wegmans will cost you the same if not less at Anabel’s.
At its founding, Anabel’s Grocery was allocated money by the undergraduate and graduate student assemblies to create a subsidy fund so we can provide all Cornell students with fresh, nutritious, and affordable food. This fund makes it possible for us to price all of our products at or below supermarket prices. We hope that by alleviating some financial barriers, students can feel more confident and comfortable making healthier choices and exploring their kitchens.
A significant portion of Cornell’s student population is considered food insecure, meaning these students face financial stress in knowing where their next meal will come from occasionally to frequently. While there are now many exceptional programs on campus, such as the Swipe Out Hunger Program and Cornell’s Food Pantry, that can alleviate hunger, none focus on providing students what is largely absent on our campus: fresh produce and cooking staples. Our mission is to not only provide access to these foods, but empower students to cook for themselves and understand the power of healthy food can have on their physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.
We offer a variety of educational resources aimed to help students understand nutrition, how to cook, how to live sustainably, and information about the food system. We offer cooking classes, recipe cards, nutrition information cards, and workshops that we collaborate on with other student organizations. Check out our Facebook page to learn about our upcoming events!
We’re glad you asked! The students behind Anabel’s operate through a class practicum called AEM 3385: Social Entrepreneurship Practicum: Anabel’s Grocery. Check out our “Get Involved” page to learn more.