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Our Mission

Anabel’s Grocery provides nutritious, affordable food for all Cornell students through a student-run grocery store and offers educational programs that create a fun, inclusive, empowering community around quality food, food choices, wellness, and positive social change.

Our Guiding Principles


Convenient on-campus location to purchase groceries.


Low-cost groceries for all Cornell students and subsidies for those who qualify.


Cooking classes and nutrition education to educate our Cornell community.

The Problem

Food insecurity at Cornell is real. The 2017 Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experiences (PULSE) survey indicated that more than 1 in 4 (27.9%) students skip meals due to financial constraints, this is a 5% increase since the 2015 PULSE survey. Low-cost, nutritious meals on campus are difficult to find. Collegetown primarily supplies calorie-dense foods in expensive convenience stores, and the trek to the few local grocery stores can take hours without a car.  And although cooking is more cost-effective than buying prepared food, the current food climate in Collegetown leaves access to fresh produce and affordable groceries extremely limited. Our team at Anabel’s Grocery is dedicated to solving this problem by offering a centralized place where students can purchase groceries, learn more about food, and participate in a passionate community focused on inclusivity; ultimately empowering students to cook wholesome meals, engage with their food environment in a meaningful way, and not break the bank- all at the same time. 

Our Solution

We envision a campus where all students have access to affordable quality food and where no students have to sacrifice their studies because of hunger or lack of adequate nutrition. Under the 501(c)3 auspices of the Center for Transformative Action, Anabel’s Grocery provides healthy, affordable food for the entire Cornell student body. Additionally, a student organization called Anabel’s Programming offers cooking classes, meal kit builds, and programming events to promote healthy living and to foster a community around food.Together, Anabel’s Grocery and Anabel’s Programming provide the knowledge and resources so students can make their own nutritious and affordable meals.

Anabel’s Grocery is a project of the Center of Transformative Action.