Frequently Asked Questions

The store is located on the first floor of Anabel Taylor Hall, next to the Durland Alternatives Library.
Anabel’s Grocery is open to ANY Cornell student. We welcome and encourage students of all backgrounds shop here! This includes all Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Education students.
Imagine the first 30 things you’d put in an empty fridge and pantry. Anabel’s sells inexpensive staples, such as pasta, rice and beans, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen meats, dairy, eggs, bread, peanut butter, and so much more. We also have a variety of snacks to get you through the day!
Lower than the typical grocery store in Ithaca. However, our low prices will not compromise high quality foods!
At its founding, Anabel’s Grocery was allocated money by the undergraduate and graduate student assemblies to create a subsidy fund so we can provide all Cornell students with fresh, nutritious, and affordable food. This fund makes it possible for us to price all our products at or below supermarket prices. We hope that by alleviating some financial barriers, students can feel more confident and comfortable making healthier choices and exploring their kitchens.
We need a grocery store on campus to address the twin facts that Cornell has a high population of food insecure students, and nowhere on campus to buy inexpensive fresh produce and cooking staples. Anabel’s Grocery will offer nutritious, staple foods that students want in a convenient location at low prices, along with educational food-related programming perfect for college students.
Current research shows that food pantries are unreliable, stigmatized, and do not empower students to create their own meals. Increasing financial aid, dining dollars, etc. are not viable options since they do not fundamentally address issues of food access and insecurity, and are not supported by Cornell administration. The efforts of 626 Thurston Ave, which currently provides only dried goods and snacks inadvertently exacerbate an invisible class divide, separating students who can afford Cornell Dining and Collegetown options from students who are willing to overcome stigma and accept “handouts”. Anabel’s believes in a three-pronged approach of affordability, on-campus access, and education in cooking for yourself in college.